Friday, October 31, 2008

Afghanistan Links

Afghanistan Links

Afghanistan's History


Fighting the Insurgentcy

Foreign Aid in Afghanistan

Growing Support for the Taliban and Antipathy Toward the Foreigners

Iran and Afghanistan


Situation of Women and Children

Talking to and Engaging with the Taliban?

The 'New Afghanistan'

The Dim Prospects for a NATO Victory

The Humanitarian-Economic Situation

The Warlords

Treatment of Journalists and the Media

Treatment of Prisoners

(Broken links fixed 28-29 April 2010.)

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John said...

Afghanistan produced some 8200 tonnes of opium in 2007, or 93 per cent of the world's supply. More land is used to cultivate drugs in Afghanistan than Bolivia, Colombia and Peru combined, the United Nations says. In recent years, Afghan drug lords have sought to maximize profits by processing opium into heroin at home before sending it abroad. Some drugs inevitably remain inside the country where there is a ready market for heroin due to the high rate of drug use among the hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees returning or deported from neighboring Iran and Pakistan.
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